Residential Services

Safeguarding your premises against infestations within your home and the surroundings area.

Food Establishment Services

Safeguarding your catering & food establishments eliminating existing or possible threats of an infestation.

Commercial Services

Safeguarding your place of business and stock against infestations preventing contamination and financial loss.

Accommodation Services

Safeguarding your premises and guests against infestations which upholds the reputation of your premises.

External Services

Safeguarding your open gardens and penned land against infestations which results in damage to the land.

Additional Services

Welcome to Steel Guard Pest Control Services where our main mission is professionally safeguarding the homes and business of our clients throughout the London & Essex areas whilst utilising various methods and techniques to resolve and eradicate all manners of infestations located within or outside the premises. Pest related problems have dramatically spiked in London & Essex over the last decade which places a severe threat on public health which for that core reason we offer the services of Rodent Control, Insect Control, and Mammal Control.


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Mammal Pests

It is common knowledge that pests vary in shapes and sizes which in one way or another will be used to their advantage. If it happens to be the size that prevents them from gaining access to your premises or the surrounding grounds, a pest will instinctively find or be fortunate enough to be presented with an alternative means of access as this may place their survival at risk drawing a thin line between life or death. Alternatively, besides your premises providing any necessary provisions for pests to be drawn toward, it is not uncommon for an injured pest to stumble across your premises and whilst seeking refuge pass away or in a worst-case scenario cause harm if confronted or unknowingly approached by a human. It’s for these reasons that any signs of an infestation should not be dismissed and an inspection carried out by professionals like ourselves concluding the severity of any current or potential pest presence.

Why Choose Steel Guard Pest Control Services?

The pest control industry is regulated by a diverse set of Acts of Parliament and Legislations which are overseen by a number of organisations including RSPH and the HSE to ensure the legal obligations are upheld by companies and operatives whilst any services are conducted on any worksites or for members of the public, have obtained knowledge and understanding of a pest controllers duties. There is then a further depth to the industry whereas additional organisations and associations like the BPCANPTABasis Prompt and the CRRU exist for the purpose of ensuring pest control companies and operatives are:

  • Conducting the best codes of practices in association with legality,
  • Keeping a current professional competency with refresher training,
  • Promoting high standards of professionalism at all times,
  • The Responsible use of pesticides,
  • The Responsible control of public health,
  • Keeping pest-related risks reduced whilst safeguarding non-target animals,

These are the same aims that Steel Guard Environmental drives toward which safeguard our customers whilst protecting the environment and the animals living within it giving you the peace of mind that you have acquired the services of legitimate, competent, industry affiliated professionals that adhere to the legal requirements imposed upon the industry.