Dead Animal Removal

We can offer additional services reducing or resolving a pest-related problem

Although the services we conduct are of a pest control nature, additional services may be required due to the nature of an infestation or it may be that something has become a nuisance to your immediate surroundings ultimately encouraging pests to harbour. It could well be that an infestation may rapidly spread due to an indirect pest related factor becoming overwhelming if the service you require is not addressed immediately. Giving that these circumstances may arise, it would be in your interests for indirect causes to be resolved. Not knowing who to turn to or trust to carry out additional works adhering to health and safety standards and disposing of waste within the guidance of the law are two reasons you should be requesting our services.

Steel Guard Pest Control offers professional Additional Works relating to Pest Control Services including:

Thorough Inspections of the immediate or wider area of the infestation and possibly the whole premises depending on the severity of the infestation.
Professional Clearances within and outside of the property eliminating any possibility of harbourage or desire for pests to be drawn to the property.
Various Prevention Methods and Other Works which may include blocking to direct or possible access points and/or clearances being conducted.

Dead Animal Removal

The removal of dead animals from your property, whatever their size, is an unhygienic job and can be potentially upsetting if it happens to be a pet. Choosing this service will have the animal removed discretely and disposed of correctly using bio-waste facilities. If you happen to come across an animal corpse, it is not recommended you come close or attempt to remove it as dangers of contagion may be present.

Please make inquiries if the service you require is extensive, specific or not listed so a member of our dedicated team can make the right recommendations and/or provide you with a correct quotation.

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