Rats & Mice Control

Rat Control

Brown rats are found in a variety of developed urban environments, including large developed towns and cities where domestic or commercial refuse may accumulate, and where drainage and sewage systems exist. This particular species has an inherent trait of burrowing, typically being one of the ways of gaining access to premises.

However, it is also common for rat burrows to exist in closed or open external environments, preferably close to a food or water source. If the activity exists internally, it is often an extension of external activity, meaning the severity of the problem is higher than initially suspected.

Rat infestation may happen because they find their way into a premise by exploiting surrounding environmental defects, such as broken drain pipes or lids, gaps in external walls or doors, damaged air-bricks or through weak foundations. They are also capable of climbing short distances to reach access points.

Rat problems are very likely to lead to extreme damage to both hard and soft structural or household materials due to their constant gnawing, which can ultimately endanger the lives of occupants. This means that rat control and rat extermination is extremely urgent before an infestation becomes out of control.

Mice Control

House mice are associated with human dwellings and are a widespread pest within urban and rural buildings throughout Britain. They are incredibly adaptable and will exploit several resources, using them as nesting materials or a food storage source. They do not come from the sewers, though may unsuspectedly manoeuvre from house to house within a residential street consuming household foods and contaminating things occupants may utilise.

Mice are highly capable of climbing and jumping short-ranged distances, enabling them to evade danger and gain access to areas thought unlikely by occupants. All surfaces touched eventually become contaminated with both urine and faeces, ultimately transferring bacteria and spreading disease, making them a high-risk pest.

Mice control and removal is extremely urgent, as a mice infestation can cause severe damage to soft structural materials and cabling is also likely, making their eradication. This is due to them gnawing to maintain their incisors, accessing dwelling areas, and foraging for materials

Personal Preventative Measures To Keep Rats and Mice Out

In experiencing a rodent problem, a rat or mice problems can be a terrifying experience, with their presence causing distress toward occupants. They may attack if threatened, and the risk of contamination spreading bacterias and diseases are highly likely.

There is no best place to start, as they are opportunists and may infest premises anywhere, anytime. Some preventative measures can be carried out by occupants to prevent and reduce the presence of mice and rats, including:

  • Place humane mice traps in locations where the activity is frequent, then contact your pest controller to collect and dispose of it.
  • Keep stored and prepared foods in sealed containers and in cupboards to keep the scent out of range.
  • Ensure that internal waste is well-contained and any bio-waste is bagged and placed in a contained external bin.
  • Any loft noises heard should be inspected immediately either by yourselves or by professionals, preventing damage and spread of disease.
  • An external inspection should be made regularly, and any property damage, holes/gaps, and missing/damaged drainage materials should be repaired or replaced immediately to secure possible ingress points.
  • House hygiene (both internal and external) should be upheld throughout the premises, especially within the kitchen area, and all surfaces should be kept clean from food debris to deter rodent activity.

Whether a constant presence persists or rats continue to gain access to your premises, and the following steps have been taken, immediately contact Steel Guard Pest Control to arrange a preventative programme.

Our Rat and Mice Control Services

Steel Guard Pest Control are experts in mice and rat control, property inspection, pesticide treatments, prevention methods, and techniques while providing knowledgeable advice with recommendations to prevent ongoing infestations. Our extermination and pest control experts will resolve any infestation as swiftly and efficiently as possible.