Residential Pest Control Services

We can resolve pest related problems for your domestic properties

It’s common knowledge that pests have a habit of making your house their home if an opportunity is available, which alone is enough to cause concern before the health risks they are known to cause within a domestic property are even considered. Whether you are a Homeowner, Landlord or Tenant, we are experts in resolving pest infestations within a residential property which is why calling us today for a quotation or survey is the start of bringing closure to your pest related problems.

Steel Guard Pest Control offers professional Residential Pest Control Services including:

Thorough Inspections of all infested areas and possibly the whole premises depending on the severity or cause of the infestation to identify the correct pest species.

Professional Sets of Treatments once an infestation is determined which would be carried out lasting over a duration corresponding to the species and severity of that particular infestation.

Various Prevention Methods and Other Works which may include blocking to possible direct ingress points and/or clearances being conducted.

Kitchen Area

This can be a primary area for rodents and insects to be drawn to as it facilitates the resources they seek which people or pets would normally consume.

*(House Flies may also be a common sight within a kitchen though they can pupate from the maggots of a dead rodent carcass ultimately infesting the whole premises).

Area Related Pests:

Mice / Rats / Black Ants / Pharaoh Ants / Flour Mites / Kitchen Weevils / Cockroaches / Spiders / Silverfish / House Flies / Drain Flies

Living Room Area

Besides rodents, this can also be an area parasitic pests may thrive as occupants may spend the majority of their time here. These pests would travel by latching themselves to occupants, belongings or physically walk/jump.

Area Related Pests:

Mice / Bedbugs / Fleas / Moths / House Flies / Carpet Beetles / Wood Weevils

Bedroom Areas

It is more common for insects to infest bedroom areas than rodents though both can and will occur given the circumstances. Within a bedroom, insects
usually, infest and feed off furnishings and fabricated areas though parasites will feed on occupants and pets.

Area Related Pests:

Mice / Bedbugs / Fleas / Carpet Beetles / Moths / Drain Flies

Loft Areas

Rodents, insects and birds are known to acquaint themselves with Loft Areas within a premises as the environment is perfect for harbouring, breeding and nurturing broods and litters. If infestations within a loft are not addressed as soon occupants become aware, they may overwhelmingly spread throughout the premises or cause severe damage within the loft.

Area Related Pest:

Mice / Rats / Squirrels / Glis Glis / Birds / Bird Mites / House Flies / Cluster Flies / Wasps / Hornets / Bees /

Basement Area

Basements Areas are common and could possibly become a breeding ground for pests as they can be one of the easiest points of access to a premises allowing free movement between the premises and the external surroundings. If basements are unused and unkempt, it would make the perfect environment for pests and if an external food source is scarce then the next step are the living areas of your home.

Area Related Pests:

Mice / Rats / Silverfish / Ants / Weevils / Spiders / Wasps

Garden Areas

Because Garden Areas normally exist in the open amongst the vast surrounding landscape, the factors why pests would visit your garden are limitless. With that being said, your garden may have a number of seemingly inviting resources not to exclude soft soil to be dug, into which is why corrective or preventative measures should be taken.

Area Related Pests:

All Rodents / All Insects (excluding Bedbugs) / Foxes / Moles / Birds

Although infestations can be localised (depending on the pest) to specific areas where habitual behaviour and feeding would commonly occur, they can and have been found in unfamiliar areas within residential premises depending on the severity of the infestation, favoured furnishings and sought resources which may be available throughout.

*See Terms, Conditions & Recommendations at the bottom of the page for information in relation to treatments and services.