Terms, Conditions & Recommendations

*Payment Queries:

1. All payments are to be made in full either via the phone before the first treatment visit or on the first visit by card or cash to the visiting technician. Payments by cheque are not accepted.

2. A survey fee is required over the phone before a technician is able to conduct it, then:
(a). once a site survey has been conducted onsite whether or not a problem or fault was determined, the fee shall be non-refundable.

(b). If a survey or full treatment had been booked and paid for to which the payee then decides to cancel for various reasons before a technician arrives on site, a 25% charge of the paid price shall be non-refundable.

3. If an infestation happens to spread through a premises or the immediate area whilst a treatment has commenced, is still in effect and the client chooses to end the treatment program before recommended duration, refunds shall not be authorised:
(a). as liability does not fall upon the technicians conducting the treatments (unless proven) due to those being experienced, qualified and competent in their methods and practices.

(b). as all rodenticides, insecticides and relevant traps have been chemically/mechanically tested and proven to be effective in relation to the relevant scenario of an infested area.

(c). If the treatment fails due to the client not following instructions and/or professional recommendations made by technicians and choose to disturb or disrupt the process of the treatment.

(d). as all possible recommendations before and after the treatment would have been made in relation to the infestation being resolved.

*Treatment & Works Notices:

A callout for pest control services may not necessarily be an infestation which would result in a one-time treatment at the recommendation of the technician though in general, treatments can be conducted over a duration day, weeks or months in relation to:

– the relevant pest’s natural behaviour,
– the method, effectiveness and resolution of an infestation,
– the severity of an infestation.

The majority of specific pests we treat for have a dedicated treatment duration with most including intervals for the purposes of safety toward occupants of a property, treatment effectiveness and inspection of treatment success. All treatments come with a guarantee (in relation to each specific pest) which comes into effect after the treatment set duration has ended. Once the guarantee duration has ended and if an infestation still exists (due to know or unknown factors), treatments will have to be repurchased though it may be at a discounted cost, but not before the relevant inspections and the right recommendations have been made allowing the client to come to a decision. Both treatment durations and guarantee durations shall be disclosed upon purchase of treatment or on the site where work is to be conducted though durations can slightly alter once the visiting technician has made a professional progressional assessment of the infestation.

1. In relation to the following treatments (Chemical Surface Sprays – Chemical Space Sprays), please ensure recommended preparations are carried out before the technician arrives as excessive waiting durations may result in treatment cancellation which would have to be rescheduled.
(a). If a Chemical Surface Spray is to be carried out within your premises (depending on the infested room) please consider the following recommendations:
– All floor surfaces are clear of personal belongings and that beds and duvets are stripped of their bedding.

– Wardrobes and bedroom draws are cleared of clothing and personal belongings, if not wardrobe interiors can not be treated (wardrobe/draw contents can be placed in black bin bags though to contain any possible personal belongings clear storage boxes would help the treatment process).

– Personal belongings are to be checked by occupants and clothing and/or bedding are to be hot-washed or heat treated (seek material treatment advice) at a temperature of 60-90 degrees celsius.

(b). If a Chemical Space Spray is to be carried out within your premises (depending on the infested room) please consider the following recommendations:
– Furnishings and electrical devices/appliances are to be covered with plastic or fabricated dust sheets and personal belongings are to be contained (preferably in storage boxes) due to settling residual vapour.
– Presence of residual vapours on hard surfaces which were not covered can be wiped away using hot water and everyday domestic chemical cleaners.

2. If ingress points in relation to an infestation are unable to be blocked due to the size (too large), accessibility, immediate or surrounding material complications then the correct recommendations shall be made so works can be carried out at your convenience. If additional works can be carried out by our technicians, then these may be subject to additional fees due to materials and labour costs.

​3. All treatments are covered by a guarantee which are additional return visits (if the problem is still present) after the initial set visit duration for specified pests has ended.
(a). The first (and possibly only) guarantee visit shall follow the last visit of the initial set with the duration gap between them staying the same (unless specified by the technician), then any others to follow shall be at the technicians discretion which shall need to be supported by an inspection, photographic evidence and written reports.

(b). Once return visits have been disclosed to the customer and a date has been agreed for a return visit, any vacancy of the premises (resulting in a failed visit) upon the technician’s arrival may result in that visit being spent which means the loss of a visit or the repurchase of initial visits due to the spent visit being the last of the guarantee duration.