Accommodation Services

We can resolve pest related problems for all accommodation establishments

A premises that provides Accommodation can easily become overwhelmed from an infestation by a number of various pests predominately being insects due to the interchanging of guests from different cities (national or international) and the bustling environment which can assist their movement to multiple locations throughout the premises. Alternatively, they can manoeuvre via air ducts and/or gaps and spaces. Warm/humid rooms, riser cupboards or any location with the necessary resources may become a vulnerable pest harbouring area, resulting in multiple unsanitary areas, contamination of foodstuffs and severe reputable damage. It is for those reasons that preventative measures (if not cure) should be in place for such occurrences to safeguard your guests, employees, stock and place of work.

Steel Guard Pest Control offers professional Accommodation Pest Control Services including:

Thorough Inspections of all infested areas and possibly the whole premises depending on the severity of the infestation.
Professional Sets of Treatments once an infestation is determined which would be carried out lasting over a duration corresponding to the severity of that particular infestation.
Various Prevention Methods and Other Works which may include blocking to direct or possible access points and/or clearances being conducted.
Guest Rooms
Within accommodating premises Guest Rooms are highly vulnerable to parasitic pests due to the frequent exchange of guests that may either introduce an insect pest to the environment or unknowingly aid them by transporting them. Rodents may infest this particular area though the possibility is lower than the prior pest.

Area Related Pest:

Bedbugs / Fleas / Moths / Pharaoh Ants / Larvae / Beetles / Weevils / Rats / Mice

Kitchen Area
Alike food establishments, pests are eager to seek resources for consumption in a Kitchen Area within accommodating premises which may ultimately result in an infestation spreading throughout the establishment.

Area Related Pests:

Rats / Mice / Cockroaches / Fruit Flies / Drain Flies / Silverfish / BlackAnts / Pharaoh Ants / Flour Mites / Kitchen Weevils

Riser Cupboards
These areas which are located individually or across multiple floors can commonly become infested with insects or mice and due to cables connecting between floor spaces, they would be granted access throughout the immediate surroundings or the entire premises.

Area Related Pests:

Bedbugs / Fleas / Moths / Pharaoh Ants / Larvae / Mice

Although infestations can be localised (depending on the pest) to specific areas where habitual behaviour and feeding would commonly occur, they can and have been found in unfamiliar areas within accommodating premises depending on the severity of the infestation, inaccessible cryptic areas and an abundance of sought resources which may be available throughout.

*See Terms, Conditions & Recommendations at the bottom of the page for information in relation to treatments and services.